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Filter Your Cigarettes Gradually, Step-by-Step
to Make Quitting Easier

Gums and patches don't reduce your dependency on nicotine. They just allow your body to get it from another source. One Step at a Time cigarette filters lower your nicotine dependency in gradual increments. It offers a proven way to conquer your addiction. Without patches. Without gums. Without doctors. Without costly reconditioning programs.

filter your cigarettes

The system consists of four filters, each to be used 7 to 14 days.
The first filter eliminates up to 25% of nicotine and tars; the
second up to 50%; the third up to 70%. By the fourth filter you
will be eliminating up to 90% of the nicotine and tars.

One Step at a Time cigarette filters


One Step at a Time includes four filters, plus you'll get a 20 page booklet with details on how the filters work, how to use the filters, plus four steps to a smoke-free life. You'll also learn how to clean the filters, to extend their effectiveness and make them work again and again to help you quit!

Unsolicited testimonials about One Step at a Time:


A few weeks ago I ordered those smoking cessation filters [One Step at a Time]. A fantastic product! Thank you. I've tried quitting many times in the past but failed within a day or two...

Thank you very much
P. P.


I found your 4 filter way to quit.....and I bought 2 of them...



To whom it may concern;

I purchased the system in October of 2005...

Best $20 I ever spent!!!!


Thomas Townsend
Gadsden, AL


One Step at a Time cigarette filters are only $19.95

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

One Step at a Time filters ($19.95)



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